To ensure that teaching is targeted at improving learning outcomes, a variety of assessment processes are undertaken. These included both formative and summative assessment techniques.

Formative assessment includes teacher observations, student self assessments, individual Learning Plans and anecdotal note taking by teachers and is ongoing in nature.

Summative assessment takes the form of teacher devised tests, standardised tests, student projects, talks, Achievement Improvement Monitor etc. These activities are held at specific times throughout the year and are aimed at measuring what has been learnt.

Our purpose for assessing students is to:

  • Ensure appropriate correlation between curriculum focus and learning outcomes.
  • Enable teachers to evaluate present curriculum.
  • Plan future curriculum for students.
  • Provide information for parents through written reports, parent/teacher interviews regarding progress.
  • Encourage students to monitor their own progress.

Interview and Reporting Schedule:

Information on student progress and achievement is provided for parents in the form of:

  • Interview in March and June.
  • Year P-6 student led conferences in November.
  • To request informal interviews at any stage throughout the year.